Arise, Shine!

I recently watched a news broadcast covering shootings of young children caught in the crossfire of some gang related conflict. A group of four pastors from the city gathered in prayer for the violence erupting on the streets. I was furious.

The TV crew covered the prayer which was basically all about how sinful people are and how they need judgement. Repentance was called for but the not the turning of beliefs, it was the old-fashioned kind of repentance that, based on the prayers I heard, was based on the worthlessness of everybody. The ‘good news’ was at least the Jesus is returning to take care of the bad guys. I was getting more irate.

What hope have people when the very body of Christ, the ones commissioned to see heaven come to earth, don’t believe in the value of people and hold out for a world getting worse as it waits for Jesus to return to make things right, once and for all. It is almost like the coming of Jesus, His life, His death, His resurrection and ascension and sending the Holy Spirit at Pentecost just wasn’t good enough to defeat the devil and usher in the Kingdom.

I have heard the Lord (yes, i know that is strong) and it is time for a new movement of churches that will destroy the works of the devil and overthrow the grip that control and witchcraft has on the body of Christ; control that manifests as sound doctrine. If this city and region has a hope, it is that the body of Christ will rise up and be the body of Christ.

It is time for God’s Israel, His covenant people—the church to shake of the dust and shake herself free from the chains around her neck. May God give us strategies and partners.


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