Cities of God

I can at times, see in the spiritual realm. For a year or so I saw chariots pretty frequently. I would be sitting on my porch and see spiritual chariots ‘driving’ down the street. One time when I was driving in the late evening on the highway, there were so many of them, I actually braked to avoid hitting one, it’s appearance was sudden and it seemed to come from nowhere. They were chariots like the ones used in the Ben Hur movie and some would be driven by angels and some empty. They had fierce, strong horse pulling them at speeds that overtook every car, probably travelling in excess of the highway limit! I did not understand it at all, it just seemed random. A few months ago I felt I had some insight into the reason for the chariots. I felt that God was saying He was looking for leaders, people that could run with the horses. The scripture in Jeremiah 12:5 came to mind, “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, Then how can you compete with horses?” The sense I had was that God is raising up a new generation of leaders who had the drive and determination to stay the pace, to carry what has been passed on and take it farther than we can imagine.

These last few months, I have ‘seen’ something entirely new to me and it may be difficult to explain. I have been in a large room and saw a city being built. It has roads, building and infrastructure and it has filled the room. At the same time, every piece of furniture has had a city being built on it, again with roads, building and infrastructure. The buildings are intriguing. They are almost medieval and high tech at the same time. They tower higher than any building built on earth and glisten, making a melody together. The builders are angelic, meticulous in placing the city pieces together. It looks a little chaotic but is perfectly beautiful in it’s design and placement.

I sense that what is happening is that God is preparing His church for a new thing. It will be a mixture of old and new, taking the best of what He has been doing through His church over the last years and blending it with the best of what is emerging. There is a significant repositioning of leaders and people around the world. God is moving them from previous positions and postures and positioning them to govern territory. It feels like a tectonic shift in the spiritual realm and I bet a LOT of people are feeling the unsettling nature of the shift and are not totally aware of what is really happening.

During times of great repositioning remember that the enemy will not be any more creative in his attacks against you than he has ever been. If your marriage is always what he goes after, guess what, this is probably where you will feel the sensitivity of this shifting going on. If it is your finances that he always goes after, same thing.

Just remember, God will not let you be put under anything you cant handle and if it isnt good, it isn't the end!

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