Confusion and Despair

Last week, I got some clarity about the future of Ian. It was both liberating and terrifying, I am sure you can relate. Insight into what God is going to do in and through me, insight into my dreams and destiny, all with the woman of my dreams by my side. It was really invigorating and life giving.

Then there was this week. Good gracious me. I chatted with Rachel last night and explained it like this. I watched a spirit of confusion walk into my room and settle right there with me and I felt stuck. I was not sure of it was birthed from a legitimate need for clarity or from forces outside seeking to interfere with heavens airwaves but there it was, confusion and it’s ugly little brother, despair.

I woke this morning and Rachel has shared a word from Lana Vawser, you can see it on her Facebook page if you are interested, I would strongly suggest following her, click here.

“There is a great transition taking place right now in the body of Christ where the Lord is moving His people from any places of wondering what’s going on and feeling like they are wandering aimlessly without direction and in darkness, to a deeper place of living in wonder. 

The Lord is quieting fears with His love. He is settling concerns, He is bringing clarity and releasing answers to questions that are melting confusion away. 

There is a very strategic attack upon many of God’s people right now to bring them to a place of such confusion that there’s a temptation to entertain doubt, to lose direction because of this confusion and to hinder vision. 

This strategic attack is coming against many of God’s people leaving many feeling like they are ‘stuck’ or ‘not moving’. This confusion has come against many ‘out of left field’, leaving many questioning what they have heard God say in the past. It has brought questions of whether what was even heard was the Lord, and now the fear and questioning of whether they are moving in obedience or not. 

I want to encourage you, that the Lord is going to move in the VERY AREAS where this confusion has hit, the VERY AREAS where this fear has hit about whether you are ‘missing it’, disobeying, or stuck, and the Lord is going to MOVE and SPEAK SO CLEARLY in these areas and bring you to a DEEP PLACE of WONDER of who He is and His goodness.

Not only is He going to CONFIRM and REAFFIRM to you what He has said, that will bring great peace, and break off this assault of confusion, fear and attack on your peace, but open up greater revelation of His promises and plans in these very areas. 

His goodness and His love that will be revealed to you through how He moves and what He speaks in the areas where you have been wondering and wandering is going to leave you undone in a place of joy filled WONDER of His goodness and His love.

This assault of confusion has come against you in the area that you are gaining ground in. The area that you are moving deeper into the awakening of your authority in, and the area where the Lord is moving and using you most powerfully. 

This confusion is taunting many with “your stuck” and “missing it” but the Lord is decreeing as you continue to stand and press in, the exact opposite is true. You are MOVING, GAINING GROUND and OVERCOMING! 

VERY SOON the things that have taunted you, harassed you, tormented you, confused you and left you in a place of grief, pain, wondering and wandering, will be a DISTANT MEMORY! You will KNOW THEM NO MORE! All you will know is the WONDER of who HE IS, His love, His goodness and kindness to you.

The area where this assault of confusion is hitting, where the confusion is attempting to poison you, the Lord is POSITIONING YOU to CATAPULT you, and releasing HIS FIRE to bring INCREASE to these areas.

The COMMON DENOMINATOR of this confusion attack right now, is that it is speaking about “SUBTRACTION”, where the Lord is decreeing and speaking “MULTIPLICATION” and “INCREASE”.

Be encouraged, where the confusion is shouting “SUBTRACTION” is taking place, the TRUE REALITY is, YOU ARE moving into the next realm of “MULTIPLICATION” and “INCREASE” in what He is doing IN YOU, THROUGH YOU, what He has FOR YOU and what He has CALLED YOU to.”

I don’t know much but I do know some things. I know some things from fires of trial that no one should have to walk through. Trials I would never want to walk through again even if I was offered $10M but that I would not trade what I learned for $20M.

·      God is gooder than you think. Whatever confusion, reduction and despair has been sown into your life will result in good, more than you can imagine.

·      Just because no weapon formed you will prosper does not mean that there won’t be weapons used against you. Our weapons are not carnal but mighty to pull down strongholds. It is up to each individual to master their inner world which will master the external world.

·      For every problem, there is a solution. For every blind alleys and dead end dungeon, there is a way out. Always.

·      It is always darkest before the dawn. The moment of increase and breakthrough will come as sure as the sun will rise.

Speak to yourself today. Declare the promises of God. You are not alone, that has always been the enemies big lie.


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