Get Rich, Quick.

One of the problems with talking about generosity is that we all already think we are generous. Let’s assume we actually are. There is probably no other topic that stirs us up than a preacher talking about money, you can feel the tension in the room when I begin talking about it. It feels like our income, our wealth is such an indicator of our worth that we prefer to ignore the topic altogether and just pretend that everything is good; we are not in debt and we have wealth amassing at our doorstep.

So let’s not do that.

God does not love the poor any more than He loves the rich.

He is not in the business of playing favorites. There is nothing more holy about being poor, in fact I would argue that if we decide to be poor for the sake of the gospel, we have failed to understand the gospel. How can we look after widows, orphans and disciple nations if we decide to be poor? It sounds like a cop out at best or a demonically inspired delusion at worse.

God does not have a maximum on how much He wants to bless us financially so if the issue isn’t on His end, it may be on ours. The first step is acknowledging our need to grow in generosity. Let’s assume we are as generous as we think we are, now make a plan to grow in it. How will you give more money this week? Who could I bless this week, not because of need but just for fun?

One of the religious deceptions we can fall into is this false humility thing that says ‘I don’t give to get’. It sounds soooo righteous and that is exactly what it is but it is self-righteousness, not His righteousness. God has provided a way of receiving and it is giving, there is a harvest of we sow. No farmer or gardener I know plants a seed and says ‘I expect no return on this seed. I am not planting a seed to get something’. Of course we sow to reap! It is a Biblical principle in the Old and New Testament, and I suspect it is an eternal principle.

Make a plan, give expecting to receive. Have fun with it, break the spirit of poverty that keeps you in a rut. Read this book on generosity, it is really good stuff.


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