Guess What You Are Taking To Heaven With You?

Jesus carries His scars on His glorified body (Luke 24:36-43). 


It is fairly safe to say that if Jesus will carry His scars in His new resurrected body, so will we. Not sure if that sits well with you but it got me to thinking. Why not make everything new when we get to heaven, wipe out everything from our past and just forget about everything that happens here on earth? 


Jesus’ scars are not tributes to pain, they are tributes to victory, to redemption. There is something about having scars that remind us of how we overcame, how victory was won even in the darkest of times and that should never be forgotten, in fact, we should testify about the goodness of God in the scars. Sometimes, our scars are our biggest witness

But there is a danger, a danger that we give permission for something to remain and hurt us when clearly it is not the will of God. (I think that most of the church is addicted to brokenness - the reason for the scar and not the redemption.) There may be a reason for something to be in your life but the reason does not give it a right. There may be a reason you think this way, have diabetes, don’t know how to do relationships etc. but the reason does not give it a right to be there. Jesus has made sure that the reason must submit to the right He has provided. The right to be free and not just free, abundantly free. Sickness has no right to your body. Brokenness has no right to remain. You may carry scars but the scars should point to the victory and redemption of the pain. Be careful not to give the reason, a right.

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