An enemy will exploit their opponents weaknesses and destroy their strengths. It is a good strategy and one that our enemy has utilized for centuries. If I am honest, I can see the pattern in my own life.

You can see the strategy at work from the garden of Eden when the strength of Eve, her authority to rule and reign and being made in the image of God Himself was challenged. She was not tempted in the area of her weakness, but in the area of her strength. Jesus in the wilderness was hungry and Satan tried to overthrow Jesus in the area of His strength, His very deity.

To be clear, the area of strength doesn’t always feel like the area of strength. It isn’t the place you feel the strongest so perhaps there is a better word. Your area of strength is that place of destiny, calling and dare I say it, desire. However, in MY experience it is the place I feel least qualified, anointed and the most insecure about.  If I were to thwart people becoming who they were called to be, people who would overthrow me, I would have a system that constantly compares oneself to others, a system that frowns on desires and dreams, a system that tears down rather than builds up, a system that highlights missing the mark and underplays straight up good news. If my greatest fear was people becoming who they are called to be, a people destined to overthrow my kingdom, I would move hell and high water to make sure that didn’t happen.

The tactic of the enemy is to delay, thwart and resist your destiny and desire. Here are three areas I think the enemy has sold us a bill of goods:


It’s a great white whale. We pursue motivation like it will cure everything. We use it's absence as an excuse to not go to the gym, not go to class, not study, not pursue our desires because we haven’t found the motivation. Stop it. Motivation is a fallacy, a pursuit that will cause us to die on the seas of pursuing the wrong thing. In his book ‘The Seven Decisions’ author Andy Andrews talks about having a decided heart. He says ‘I have a decided heart, my destiny is assured’. You don’t need motivation, you need to make a decision. From that grows passion and passion will overcome pretty much everything thrown at it. Make a decision, don’t get stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

Waiting on Being Discovered

Someday, I will be at a conference with one of the biggest speakers I respect and admire and he or she will stop in the middle of what they are doing, point at me, bring me up on stage and tell everyone, I am the new thing. Or perhaps, someone will listen to the song I wrote and promote it, sing it and I will be catapulted in the Grammy’s by someone else.

Maybe it all starts from the story of how Jesus picked His disciples, He found them and called them. Maybe it is because we hear stories of how great men and women never promoted themselves and were discovered on the streets through a word from God. Who knows. What I do know is that waiting on someone else ‘finding’ you is the act of a powerless victim. Strong, I know but when I am looking for rescue, I play the role of a victim. None of us are victims, though many have been horribly victimized, and it is time to own our desires, our God given desires and pursue them.


I want to suggest that all of us are afraid of failure or afraid of success. Sometimes both and they manifest in surprisingly similar ways. I can be afraid of not being enough, so I don’t try. I can be afraid of the demands of success, so I don’t try. The remedy is the same for both, destroy shame in your life. Go after it, get help, read Brene Brown and surround yourself with a bunch of people, champions in your life who will not let you settle for being less than you were created to be and less than you really desire to be.

The enemy is not afraid of you going to heaven, he is not trying to populate hell. He is afraid of each of us walking in the fullness of our destinies and desires.

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