Something in the air...

I sense that the influence of a spirit of Jezebel is dominant in the land at the moment. To be clear, this is nothing to do with powerful women or women in general, in fact I have experienced the Jezebel spirit more often from men than women. 

You know you are under the influence of Jezebel when:

1.     You have irrational fear-you run for your soul even after you have been given victory. Irrational fear is fear that is not connected to reality. Elijah calls down fire, starts rain with a prayer and he is running from a woman. He isn’t afraid of the woman, he is under the influence of something else.

2.     Giving up on life. Elijah just became a catalyst to a great move of God and he wants to die. The fire fell and he wants to die. There is a spirit of death/suicide that accompanies Jezebel.

3.     An extreme sense that everything is going wrong. ‘They have killed your prophets’ when reality is 7000 remain. They just made a decision to give all to God and he can’t see it. He is about to anoint the future but he cant see it because he is under the influence of a different spirit. Under the influence of Jezebel all you talk about is how bad things are.

4.     Loneliness and self pity. No responsibility for or recognition of you making the decision to leave your servant or that 7000 of your company remain. No one else knows, no body knows the trouble I’ve seen. This makes us feel we are not part of an army taking ground. It is an isolating spirit that wants us to feel we are on our own.

5.     An overall feeling of hopelessness, despair and depression. 

6.     A lack of confidence. What you normally do, you think you cant do. The lie 'I’m not good at anything, I have no gifts.' persists.

Jezebel must be overcome by the power of prophecy and prophetic declaration. Saying 'I am strong' when I feel weak is not delusion, it is an act of war. It is time to speak, not think the truth over our lives and the life of our churches, our cities and our nation. God said His words would not depart from our mouths, not our minds. Speak life and destiny, dont just think it.

 Isaiah 59 :21

My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your offspring, nor from the mouth of your offspring’s offspring,” says theLord, “from now and forever.”

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