Three Things To Remember When Shift Happens

Shift happens. We have heard that a lot and it feels that we are always shifting, moving and change is the only constant.

 Having our first child was the most amazing time for us, only to matched by the arrival of our second and third child. We had prayed, fasted, had hands laid on us and had a monthly disappointment to contend with for years and finally, we had a son. A promise that arrived and one that turned my world upside down! Anyone who has had a child recognizes that there is nothing better and nothing more life changing. Leaving the hospital with a baby in a car seat was terrifying. I once had two kittens and returned them to their owner after 3 days because I couldn’t take the responsibility and here I was with a little human. Going home. With me.

I am convinced that with the arrival of every promise, every prophecy fulfilled, there is a shaking required. It can be a little tremor or it can feel like a full blown ‘San Andreas fault being torn apart and California falls into the sea’ kind of event. Here are my three things we need to remember no matter how hard the quake hits.


1.     Remain unoffendable. People make mistakes, they even do weird and sometimes wrong things deliberately. Commit to remaining unoffendable and you will always be able to see the face of God in whoever errs or lets you down. It doesn’t stop you communicating, working things out but it should stop you judging and being afraid. Which brings me to point 2…

2.     Reduce anxiety. Everyone will be anxious. Your kids, the people directly involved with the shift, your hairdresser, everyone will be feeling the boat rocking. When people get up and move positions, the boat rocks and everyone will just want you to sit back down where you were and then the boat can stop rocking. That’s not an option but what you can do is reaffirm that God is on His throne, He has successfully worked out everything in your life so far and if things are not good, it just means it is not the end. Everything will work out fine, He really is a good, good Father.

3.     Remember what is really happening. Sure, it was comfortable doing the same thing each day even if the monotony drove you crazy. Sure, it was nice having a steady income even if you knew it would never be enough to do everything you wanted to do. These things, and others, were enough to make you stay in your place, on the boat and any downside was not enough to make you change. You are not moving away from something, you are moving towards something. This is an opportunity to do the things that have started to surface or may even have been there for a lifetime. You are moving forward into something. The fact that you need to let go of the things that have held you can make it seem the shift happening is all about loss and letting go. It isn’t, but that is so necessary. Getting married does mean a loss of freedom, but you gain a different level of a different freedom. Having a child does mean you are less free, and have less money but what you get in return is so much more than the freedom you just lost.

God trusts you right now, He believes in your ability to handle everything that is coming your way. He is preparing you for more, not trying to make you less. Every pruning is designed to produce more fruit, not less. Enjoy the ride, knowing that all things work together for your good.

What’s the shaking going on in your life right now?

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