Equipping People Who Will Contend for the Kingdom

Both Rachel and Ian Carroll have a vision to see people, churches, and ministries encouraged and strengthened to become the conquerors they were born to be.

One of the ways they do this is to serve local churches as their apostle and/or prophet. If you are interested in finding our more click here.

They also train apostles and prophets with an emphasis on deploying those who have been recognized by their church as carrying the grace of apostle or prophet. They run schools, trains and conferences throughout the USA. The best way to stay informed about these is to subscribe to the email list and follow them on social media.

And of course, the train people and bring them into an encounter with God. Trainings include all things prophetic, a School of the Spirit, Wild Goose Conference, Sonship Schools, and bringing people into an encounter with the Mystical Realities of walking with Jesus.

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Ian and Rachel are courageous and culture shifting catalysts for leaders and churches. They have a profound ability to understand where you are at in your journey as a leader or community and shift you into the better version of who you are called to be. The revelation they walk in is inspiring, the love they carry is outrageous and the hope they live from, contagious. They have been a key voice and source of strength in our church’s journey of building the culture we want to live out of and becoming the people we want to be. We highly recommend them!

Drew and Melissa Neal
Senior Leaders
Generation ONE / Troy, MI
He is passionate, funny, comfortable taking risks and will challenge assumptions. His wit is top notch. I’ve listened to hundreds of pastors over the years, for me Ian is at the top of my list.
— Shawn Decker